Route IV: Natural History of Tenerife
(Route for the observation of birds and endemic vegetation)

Approximate duration:

8 hours (*), from the meeting place.

This route can not be predetermined because it depends entirely on the weather, in addition to the time of year in which it is developed.

(*) 6 hours in case of not stopping to eat, not included in the price.

Speaking of biodiversity on oceanic islands, those that have arisen from the depths of the sea due to volcanic eruptions, is almost always a reference to something unique, something different. The Canary Islands, in the center of Macaronesia, treasure a good sample of that natural heritage of millenia, which still exists under the shelter of steep ravines and cliffs, vast and arid plains, cracked malpaíses or at considerable altitude, in the high Canarian mountain . Here, within these spectacular natural scenes, a good number of native birds coexist with many others that are passing or wintering in these islands, or with those of recent introduction by man.

Hand in hand with one of the most prestigious local naturalists, we will tour Tenerife’s different habitats, in search of emblematic endemic birds, beautiful raptors or, depending on the season, the little-known mutualistic relationships between passerines and plant flowers exclusive to this archipelago.

We will try to make our visits to the Canarian pine forest, the laurel forest or ravines with high rocky walls provide interesting observations of island birds, among others, the blue finch, the spotted woodpecker, the little wren, the turqué pigeon, the rabiche pigeon or the falcon of Barbary.


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