Route IV – Anaga Rural Park

A place with a special charm on the island, which still maintains that millenary character in every corner of the route, in addition to offering us the possibility of knowing how part of the first inhabitants of the island developed such a complex life in such an abrupt place, which is still largely maintained today.
The landscape variation will also be another of the strengths of this route, which combines both changes in the vegetation and geological structures, as well as meteorological and human activities.

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4 Hours

1-8 People

Not included

Total cost ot the route: 275€ – From 1 to 2 people.
For more than 2 people you have to add +50€ per person.
Prebooking: 130€.

Santa Cruz – La Laguna

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Where will you stay in tenerife?

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That is why we ask you to send us the schedules fixed by the cruise/yacht company, to adapt, as best as possible, the proposals to send you.